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Is this what happen to you last winter?

Discover the wood heating system that can slash your propane, electric or oil bills
by up to 75% or more!!

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Ok folks fall is here and we are getting closer to having those HIGH heating bills again!  Take your time look over the website and lets start saving you money!  Scott  10-08-2014


The Farmers Almanac tells us to watch out for another cold bad winter 2014-2015.  Don't wait till cold weather and that first high heating bill to get your heater!  Sales are already picking up and it is not even fall! (10-08-2014)
Old man winter (2014) wants your heating dollars, give him less of those hard earned dollars!  Order a Lil House Heater today!

The Lil'House outside wood furnace heats up to 2400 square feet.

We are helping people save on heating bills for over 26 years.

Houses, mobiles, shops can be heated with a Lil'House.  With a low cost of only $1695.00 many customers are easily able to recover the cost of a Lil'House in one year of use!  Easy to install, quick payback and simple design makes this a very affordable way to heat your home or other building. Usually filling the heater only 2 times a day is all that is needed.  This forced air unit, rated 100,000 BTU makes for a great alternative to high price fuel oil, propane or electric heat. We offer low cost shipping to you in the USA. Built here in Missouri with USA parts!

SPEND your hard earned money on this heater and it will save you money year after year!

Taxes are going UP and your heating bill can be going DOWN!  Get started SAVING MONEY ON YOUR HEATING BILLS NOW!

We have over 26 years experience in wood heating!

We are number 1 in sales volume of the Lil'house heater nationwide!  Nobody has more experience in applications and sales of the Lil'house heater!

  We ship from Alaska to Maine and everywhere between!  If you are looking for "personal service" look no farther.

The sooner you take control of your heating bill the sooner you will start saving money!


If you prefer you can contact us from the "Contact Info." page toward the bottom of the page is a form to send me your question or if you want a brochure sent in the mail!

Heater setup at Farm Fest in Springfield Mo.

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