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The right or left handed Lil'house heater.
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Lil'House Heater pricing and shipping!
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Right handed heater $1695.00

Left handed heater $1745.00

**Be sure and check with your local codes enforcement agency to make sure you can have an outside wood heater where you live. We have a 25% restocking fee on any returned heaters. **


Optional Items and Replacement Parts

By popular demand:
2- 5 ft. 26 gauge chimney section that are shipped to you via US Mail for only $65.00

Also available to be added to the box, 2 5ft. 1/2 inch metal conduit braces for your chimney and a short section for electrical wires $10.00
These items are available to ship from me here on the farm to you direct.
Scott (7-1-2014)

All items below have a shipping charge.  Additional parts are available these are the most common listed below.  Contact me for other items.

6ft heat duct: $130.00

5ft heat duct: $125.00
4ft heat duct:  $95.00

6ft extension: $130.00
5ft extension: $125.00
4ft extension:  $95.00
2ft extension:  $60.00

Blower: $125.00

Heat Sensor: $24.00

Top collar: $45.00
Beauty ring:  6.00

Drum kit: $265.00

Rebuild kit $365.00 
I can ship you most of the cold air return parts if you cannot find them locally. Call for current pricing.  These prices may change. 


S commerce not E commerce!
S commerce means you talk directly to Scott not to a computer.

The reason you cannot order off the
website itself is two fold. One, being we need to make sure that the Lil house heater is what you really need.  Two, I like to have contact with you so I can really help you. So we need to share information with phone calls and emails.

Processing your order:

  1. Shipping name and address and phone number.
  2. Your home address and phone number
  3. Do you want a right or left handed heater?
  4. Do you need a longer heatduct or extension?
  5. Try to find a business to ship this heater to as it will save you on the shipping.
  6. Once I have this information I can get you an EXACT freight quote. Then you are ready to order!

The Lil'House heater can be shipped via motor freight to you. Please call or email for a shipping quote. Remember shipping to a home is more expensive than to a business address. The trucking companies are getting harder to please.  Even if you have a business address in a residential part of town your maybe charged residential freight.  Ask me more about this if you call me or email me about shipping.
If you choose to have your heater shipped, remember that your contract with the shipping company gives you certain rights.  One being if you need to be contacted before delivery 1-2 or 2-3 hours(remember we specify this on the freight quote), they are suppose to do just that.  Do NOT get rushed by Mr. Truck driver, as he just wants to get the freight off as quick as he can.  What this means is if you pay for a residential delivery say and you want them to notify 2-3 hours before delivery and they don't well, you can refuse shipment and they will have to bring it back.  They are suppose to do what you pay for in your shipping!  Remember to try calling either me or the factory number on your packet of information we send you if you get into a situation like this with your heater.  Hasn't happen but just a few times, but one time is too many! (7-1-2014).

 We do charge Missouri sales tax on the sale of the heater if it is being picked up in Missouri.

It can be picked up here in Ozark, (near Springfield) or just South of St. Louis.

Truck shipping will be done at a reasonable rate (I get a discounted business rate) plus $60.00 to pack and deliver to the terminal (I get you a better rate by delivering to the terminal myself).  Please understand with diesel fuel prices the way they are it is going to cost more than a year ago!

Remember just because you have a freight quote doesn't mean you're on the list to be shipped.  You must have paid for your furnace to be on the list to be shipped out to you. Example:  I called Scott and he got me a freight quote on the 5th of Oct., I call and pay for the furnace on Oct. 10th your on the shipping list as of Oct. 10th.( This is not my rule but the factory rule.)

This is the goal that I have to treat others the way I would want to be treated, fairly and honestly thereby getting the best deal for the money!  After all I want you to have free heat from your furnace as soon as possible!

Please remember if you're going to pay with a debit card to contact your bank before you orderMost debit cards have a maximum amount that can be taken out a day.  If you contact your bank they will allow a larger transaction.  This is only for customers paying with a debit card.  We take Visa and MasterCard only.  We don't take Paypal, they just charge too much for the service!


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If you have questions or are ready to order give Scott a call at 417-581-7755