I have looked at selling other types of wood heaters and always come back to the Lil'House Heater. The ease of installation, price, quality, and service are just some of the reasons I have been a dealer for over 20 years.  Being a forced air furnace instead of a hot water system saves a lot of money upfront, letting you get your payback on the stove much quicker.  Compare 1600 to 1800 dollars (for a Lil'house heater system),to  well over 7000 dollars for a water boiler or water stove.  You can start having almost free heat usually within one or two years.  Start saving up to 75 percent or more on your heating this winter!  Order today!

Below is examples of a RIGHT HANDED and LEFT HANDED HEATER.  LOOK and you will understand the difference in the two models.

weaver front nebraska.jpg

This is a RIGHT HANDED HEATER ($1545.00)  Notice the heat duct comes off to the RIGHT when you are facing the door, like your putting wood in it.  This heater has the heat duct going in thru a window.  If it was mine, I would have it sitting higher off the ground, but it was not feasible here.

eds heater indiana.jpg

This is a LEFT HANDED HEATER ($1590.00) with a 6ft Extension($110.00) added on the heat duct to get it further away from the house.  The heat duct goes off to the left when you are putting wood in the heater.  This heater is going thru a wall, and like the one above if it was mine I would have set it up higher if possible, so it would not require bending over to load the wood. 

Look at the warranty!

30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If within 30 days of use, when installed according to the instructions, you are not completely satisfied, simply return in good condition to the manufacturer in Ironton, MO for a full refund of purchase price of the furnace only.  Additional supplies or shipping are not refundable.  You must call for a return authorization if you decide to return your heater. 

Features of the Lil'House heater are:

  • Rated 100,000 BTU
  • Heats up to 2400 sq. ft. with cold air returns.
  • Big 465 CFM Blower Complete with Fan Limit Switch
  • Baked on Enamel Finish, needs no maintenance or cover from weather
  • Entire Unit insulated with 1200 degree insulation.
  • Simple Set Manual Draft.
  • No expensive chimney needed.

  • Sits on Concrete Pad or Blocks.
  • Giant 7.5 cu. ft. 32 Inch Firebox for twice a day load, burns up to 12 hours.
  • 16 Gauge Steel Firebox guaranteed against burnout for 5 years.
  • Heats entire home without expensive duct system.
  • UL tested burner.
  • Ideal for mobile homes or houses.
  • Burner tested to U.L. Standards by R.F. Geisser and Associates. 

How does the heater work?

The drum is a high capacity, cylindrical firebox. On the upper portion of the door is the adjustable draft control disk, for the regulation of air entering the unit. The air is preheated as it is drawn down the internal draft channel (on the inside of the door). The draft is sucked into the bottom of the heater with a turbulent action, mixing with the wood gases for efficient combustion.

The patented design of the airtight door and the matching door frame and the internal draft channel make the unit spark proof.

16 gauge steel walls of the drum heater are strong enough to withstand constant high temperatures, and yet generate quick heat. (It takes heat longer to travel through heavy-walled material. And the more heat that penetrates the surface, the less hot air escapes up the chimney.) The stove, therefore, allows the maximum amount of heat to penetrate into your home.

Being round gives the barrel more resistance to stress. In the heavy, flat-sided rectangular stoves, the corners get hotter. In the round thinner walled stove, the temperatures of the wall is more uniform, therefore, the thermal stresses are less. And, since steel is flexible, it has the ability to bend under stress, while cast iron can only crack when it reaches extreme temperatures.

Unit Size:

Height: 30", Width: 30", Length 42",

Length of heat duct: 48", Heat duct height: 7.5 ", Width of heat duct: 13.5"

Weight approx. 300#, shipping weight is 350#

How can one heat duct register heat my house?

Through the one register your Lil'House heater will supply your home with 465 cubic feet per minute of heated air that is above 120 degrees.  Used in conjunction with a cold air return system you are moving the air through the house.  Say for instance your heater is on the south side of your home, you want to pull the heat to the north end with the cold air return system.  You would want to have return vent or vents in the north end to make the heat go to the north.  It is just that simple.  Many folks try to make this hard, it is not.  It is much like having a box fan in a window in one end of the house and a window open in the opposite end.

Warm up with wood heat!

Other things you need to know about the Lil'house heater:

  1. Don't locate the stove on the North side unless it is the only place you have available. It never dries out and the sun never shines on the north much.
  2. Keep your wood dry (that means covered) dry wood has lots more BTU's than wet wood.  Dry wood means less creosote in the chimney.
  3. Wet wood will burn just like green wood>>> Not very well.
  4. We recommend DRY wood for our heater.
  5. Cut your wood 24 to 30 inches long, keeping in mind the heater can handle 32 inch length, (cut lengths your wife or girlfriend can handle!).
  6. It is designed to sit outside uncovered, don't be surprised the first morning you get up and it is covered in snow, with a fire in it!.
  7. It will fit in a small pickup or even a van for transportation home from my farm.  Unit weighs approx 300# when pickup at the farm.
  8. Please check with your local county or city zoning to be sure you can have an outside wood furnace.

 The FAQ's are located HERE.

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